Wat Plai Laem

Plai Laem Beach

Plai Laem is a small beach located between Big Buddha and Choeng Mon in the north of Koh Samui. Plai Laem is famous for its temple and giant 18 arm Buddha statue set in a big lake. It is one of the most unusual Buddhist monuments you will see in Thailand and is worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood.

The beach at Plai Laem is a 2 km stretch of fine white sand that has great sunsets. The beach is in a cove protected by a coral reef. There are plenty of fish to see by snorkeling. You can also take a kayak out to the small island of Koh Som. The water at Plai Laem is too shallow for jet skis. This makes Plai Laem ideal for those who like a quiet sea free of gasoline fumes.

There are only a few places to stay in Plai Laem. They are mid-range and luxury resorts. There is little else on the beach with the notable exception of Chillin Feel Beach Club. It is a big open air club that has hosted Koh Samui's famous Black Moon Party. This party has temporarily moved from Chaweng but is rumoured to soon return to its regular Chaweng Lake View venue. Other than during the party nights at Chillin Feel Beach Club, Plai Laem is one of the quieter beaches on the north coast of Koh Samui.

It is a 5 minute drive from Plai Laem to the beach of Choeng Mon. Around Plai Laem village there are a few shops where you can buy necessities. There are also a few bars and restaurants near Plai Laem temple. It is a short journey to all the facilities and amenties to be found at Big Buddha.

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